September 11, 2020

We encourage you to read the Bible stories for this upcoming Sunday
Genesis 50:15-21; Psalm 103:8-13; Matthew 18:21-35
in preparation for worship.

Just A Thought...
Click the play button below to hear Pastor Mark's "Just a Thought" message for this week:

Pastor Mark

Adult Education

In our weekly study of 1 John, we'll be exploring chapter 3 this next week. I encourage you to read through chapter 3 before our study begins. It will focus on our identity as children of God. How do we think of ourselves? We often define ourselves by our vocation or by one of the many roles we play on the stage of life. So I think of myself as a pastor or teacher or husband, father, grandpa. But even though my ability to be all these things comes from God's gracious hand, the bottom line is this: I am a child of God. And as a child of God, I'm called to live that out as I love my neighbor, whoever that neighbor might be: someone in my family, the couple next door, the check-out clerk at the grocery store, the fellow who passes me on the street I've never seen before and will probably never see again. In other words, as a child of God I Iove other children of God--known and unknown. 1 John 3. Invite a friend to watch with you. Go on-line at and click on Pastor Bill's Bible study, or wait for the blast email, or check out our Facebook page. See you soon!

Pastor Bill

Public Worship Resuming
Public Worship Resuming

Read the document below to see how SOTP is planning to return to public worship:
Return to Public Worship PDF

Flower Note

Services on September 19/20--Altar Flowers are donated by Dona Flodin in memory of her son’s, Eric, birthday.

Let There Be Flowers

Joyfully, we have begun to meet in person for our worship services as well as doing our online services. We continue to ask you to please consider signing up to donate flowers to brighten up the sanctuary. As normal, each arrangement is $50.

The bouquets are delivered from the florist for the weekend worship services. If you do not attend the church services in person and are unable to pick up your arrangement, I would be happy to deliver the flowers to your home after the Sunday services or on the Monday following.

If you are interested in donating flowers, please contact Diane Mollis at Provide your name, address, phone number, for whom the flowers are dedicated to or in memory of, and which Sunday you are interested in displaying the bouquet. If you have any questions, who may call Diane at 224-654-6677.

Thank you for saying yes to flowers for the sanctuary!


We are excited to open the church office and building to all again as of Tuesday, September 8th! Office hours will be from 9am—2pm, Monday—Friday. Masks need to be worn while in the church building.

This is how it is meant to be and brings us all such joy! What a blessing it will be to many—maybe even you.

Please know that our church sanctuary will be open during office hours for you to come in, sit and have quiet time with God. Although we know He is with us wherever we are, many find solace sitting in the comforting walls of our sanctuary. Please be respectful of others sitting quietly and keep physical distance.

SOTP is open for meetings again as well. Please note, there are guidelines for meeting safely—including maximum capacity per room. There are cleaning supplies in each room along with specific directions to follow each time the rooms are used. Please make sure to follow these guidelines for everyone’s safety. You still need to reserve a room with Michelle Rankin, just as in the past.

As a reminder, masks need to be worn.

Contact: Michelle Rankin


We are now accepting registration for the 2020-2021 school year. Our preschool has programs for children ages 2-4 (by September 1, 2020).

Children do not need to be potty trained.

Our class sizes are small (not more than 10-12 per class). 1, 2 or 3 day classes are available to both members and non-members. For more information please contact our Preschool Director, Jill Gillming, or go to our website and look under "Our Education".

Contact: Jill Gillming

Friends Bible Study

Are you looking for additional ways to participate in devotions or study God’s word? Friends Bible Study is a wonderful way to assist you in that journey.

Participants are currently meeting every Monday from 9:30-11:00 am. We are using the covered pavilion at Ol’Timers Park, 10700 N. Church Street in Huntley. The pavilion is spacious and has numerous picnic tables allowing everyone to wear masks and be socially distanced.

The study is now focused on the book of Genesis and utilizes the Bible and the Be Obedient guide written by Warren Wiersbe. An upcoming lesson is “Here Comes the Bride!” which leads us into the study of Rebekah and Isaac.

For more information contact Linda Dungey, (847) 346-9267 or .

Stewardship Is Heart Work

Here we are in September and our preparations begin for our 2021 Stewardship Financial Campaign. Our first temple talk will take place for our Sept 26/27 worship services, followed by three more temple talks over the next three weekends and ending in Oct 17/18. Our goal is to have all of our Estimate of Giving cards returned by Friday, November 6 so our church council may make final decisions for our proposed CY 2021 budget. A dedication of our EOG cards will be done at a later date in November. Stay tuned to our September Friday Flourish Stewardship articles with updated information on our financial campaign.

The theme for our CY2021 fiscal year financial drive comes from Psalm 116 verse 12:


I pray that each one of you read that verse over again, and reflect on what it means to you. We know that everything we have comes from God. We know that through the good times AND bad times He is with us always, lightning our burdens and providing means to comfort us. All He asks is that we love Him and love our neighbors as we do ourselves. Not only the neighbors in close proximity to where we live, but our brothers and sisters in our local communities and all those who cross our path in life. To do that means extending our benevolence to those who are less fortunate than how we live our lives, to those in serious need of food, shelter, and clothing.

When we provide financial support to our church, we are doing just that…extending a helping hand to those who need our love, assistance, and help. So, we ask you, has the Lord been good and faithful to you in providing for your needs?? Has His grace protected you and your family from harm and evil?? Respond with a thankful heart, and give of your first fruits so that others may be blessed by your gifts to Him to care for ALL of God’s creation. Don’t give from your leftovers, but give from the top of your monthly financial plans. Please prayerfully consider your financial gifts to SOTP’s mission and ministry needs next year and make a commitment to increase your giving as a step forward in your faith journey with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

And please, for those who have not continued their consistent financial gifts because we have not been able to assemble for our regular worship service due to the pandemic, we are in need for you to catch up to your EOG commitments. Giving has been lighter than expected and we all need to redouble our efforts to live up to our financial commitments made for CY 2020. We are grateful for those who have continued with their generous offerings and pray for everyone’s continued financial support for the remainder of the year. Thank you all for your generosity and God’s blessing to each and every one for your support!

Contact: Rick Miller .

Rick Miller & Your Stewardship Team

SOTP Property Team

The Property Team is looking into upgrading our outside storage. We are looking for a couple of contractors to give us a cost estimate to put in the concrete foundation/floor and to erect the building.

The proposed building will be the size of a two-car garage and will have a 16 foot roll up garage door.

All the building materials will be supplied. We just need a contractor for the work. The proposed building site will be in the back of the church property behind the original building.

If your company can help, Please contact the property team at SOTPPROPERTY@GMAIL.COM Attention: Rich Paeth


Dear Friends at Shepherd of the Prairie,

By now I hoped our Barnabas Ministry could make face to face contact with our Shepherd of the Prairie shut-ins and hospitalized members. However, our ministry continues to be controlled by Covid restrictions and we struggle to reach our members in new and creative ways.

With that said, it reminds me of how communication with one another had evolved during my life time. Back then we wrote notes, letters or telephoned one another. Do you remember the penny post cards or the "two longs and one short ring" of the telephone hung on the wall? Going to church was possible only if our car would start during the winter months or the roads were plowed. Thank goodness we have not returned to those days. But Barnabas Ministers have had to return somewhat to those days as they are writing notes with well wishes or making telephone calls to stay connected with each other. At times I feel sad that we can not do more like bring communion or visit in person. It was a blessed time to share and pray.

On a happier note, I am especially grateful to be living during a time of Streaming and Zooming. Our Zoom meetings have been productive. We discuss readings from Christian Caregiving, a Way of Life and have applied it to our caregiving ministry. I enjoy making phone calls and know others are sharing God's spirit of love in their own way too. So until later, the Spirit moves us to connect in new and unusual ways.

Please contact me, Donna Sorensen at 224-828-5855 or Donna Kelly , 214-676-1788 with any needs you are experiencing. God Bless.

Again I want to thank all of those who have stepped up to help with our ministry here at SOTP during this difficult time. So many of you are sharing Jesus’ love with your family, friends, neighbors and even strangers. I believe we will come out of this time stronger than ever, more connected with our God, our families, our friends and neighbors.

The Connections Ministry continues to concentrate on keeping in touch with members of SOTP. It has been a challenge to find ways to keep in touch. One of those ways is to learn how to set up groups in Messenger, Group Facetime and to continue to use ZOOM. If you would like help in setting up these “meetings” please let me know.

Our Callers are continuing are continuing to check in to make sure are doing well, feeling healthy and to see if you need anything. I stay in touch with this team at least once a week to encourage them and to share any pertinent news. If you would like to help make calls, please let me know.

Our Errands Team, volunteers who will run errands and deliver needed items to those who can’t or shouldn’t go out, stands ready to serve. So, if you need someone to pick up groceries or prescriptions or anything else, please let us know.

Our Barnabas Caregiving Ministry continues to be busy contacting all of our shut ins by phone and all of our shut ins are receiving cards two or three times a month from Barnabas Ministry. Our Caring Caller and Caring Card Teams continue to express care to those who are ill or have experienced a death of a loved one.

Our Life Groups are continuing to stay in contact with each other during this time via phone calls and emails and/or texts. We now have seven groups meeting on line. This is a great time to start an on-line group that can continue to meet in person once we are able to do so. If you would like to start a group, please contact me and I will help you with the process.

Grafton Food Pantry still needs our support. If you would like to help, monetary donation can be sent to 11481 Allison Court, PO Box 1074, Huntley IL 60142.

Our Grief Journey Group has been meeting via ZOOM each Tuesday night at 6. Several new people have joined our group recently. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact me.

Our prayer ministry is active in caring for one another. One of the advantages of our new platform for prayer requests is that once we receive a prayer request from a member, we can reply back to that person directly to express our care and concern, share a word of hope and to pray directly with them. Please keep your prayer requests coming so we can all share in prayer with you.

I also continue to stay in touch with the leads of our Ministry Teams and am encouraging each of our leads to stay in contact with the members of their teams. We still have Ministry Night. At 6:30, our ministry leaders gather via ZOOM and then after that meeting many of our Ministry Teams meet to continue serve our Lord and our community.

Of course, the staff is meeting twice each week on ZOOM to Communicate, Collaborate, Care, and be Community. We work to plan our ministries, to see how we can help each other, to pray together, to plan worship, to share ideas, concerns and inspire each other. We are also meeting one on one to talk, encourage, lift up and pray together.

I welcome ideas you may have to keep us in contact with each other and sharing the love of Jesus. Not promising each idea can be used, but I would love to hear from you. Also, if you would like to help with making calls, running errands, making medical masks, sending cards to shut ins or any other way to send your love and the love of Jesus to others, please let me know. My email is and my cell phone is 214-676-1788.

Thanks for all you are doing during this time to make the love of Jesus known and may God keep you happy, healthy and safe in his love.

Grace & Peace,

Donna Kelly
Connections Minister

With the intent to provide our church members with additional information and encourage open dialog, our monthly council report will be posted on our website each month. This document will show minutes of the past council meeting, full financials, attendance charts and various ministry meeting minutes. Check out the August, 2020 Council Report . We've also designed a simple feedback form to share your questions, concerns or comments. Let us know what you’re thinking.