Becoming a Member

New Member Meetings

Shepherd of the Prairie has new member meetings every few months. Check with the office for the date of the next new member gathering.

People are received into membership at Shepherd of the Prairie by variety of ways including:

Baptism (Infant)

An individual becomes a member of the congregation the day the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is administered. If the immediate family members hold membership in another congregation, the child's membership should be transferred to that congregation. If a child, whose parents or guardians are members of SOTP, was baptized in another congregation, request transfer of the child's membership from that congregation.

If the child was baptized in an emergency situation, the date of that administration of the sacrament is entered into the parish register. It is recommended that the order for "Public Recognition of Baptism" be conducted in the congregation when the health of the child allows.

Traditionally the Parish Register includes the following information related to Baptisms:

Baptism (Adult)

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism is administered to adults following a period of instruction in the Christian faith. In the case of adults, the date of Baptism is recorded in the parish register under both "baptism" and "confirmation," as the newly baptized adult becomes simultaneously a confirmed member and a voting member of the congregation.

Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation)

Confirmed members of the congregation are baptized persons who have publicly affirmed their baptismal covenant, following a period of instruction, and upon the approval of the Congregation Council. Such instruction should include information regarding what it means to become a member of a Lutheran congregation. Confirmed members also are those who have been received by adult baptism (see above), "or by transfer as confirmed members from other Lutheran congregations, or baptized persons received by affirmation of faith". Upon affirmation of baptism, the person also becomes a voting member of the congregation.

The date entered into the parish register is the date on which the person publicly reaffirms the vows of baptism in the presence of the congregation, or the date on which the person was approved for membership by the Congregation Council in the event no public service was conducted.


When a person holding membership in another Lutheran congregation seeks to become a member of SOTP, that person should request in writing a letter of transfer to SOTP. If the letter has not arrived in a prescribed time, we may telephone that congregation to provide a reminder. We may request the following information with the letter:

The date entered into the parish register is normally the date on which the person is received publicly into the congregation through "Reception of Lutherans by Transfer" In the event that no public order was used, the date entered into the parish register is the date the letter of transfer was issued.

If the person seeking membership in SOTP holds membership in a non-Lutheran congregation, a letter of transfer or release may not necessarily be issued. You may request, non the less, the information listed above.