The rendering from Wilbert Monument Co. illustrates their recommendation for the MG. The MGC will determine the quantity of niches we will begin with. At this point we are planning a 72-niche columbarium that is pictured in the center of the rendering. The major factor for starting construction of the MG will be the number of niches that are presold. Each niche will hold up to two urns.

The drawing for the Memory Garden (MG) should be ready to present to the Church Council in June or July. Once approved, we will submit it to the Village of Huntley to obtain a permit. Due to the virus we lost 3 months of preparation, so it would be a stretch to say the MG will be ready this year. We are now looking into offering Memory Bricks, possibly in 2 sizes, 4"X8" and 8"X8". We have just about completed the rules and regulations regarding the Columbarium. The cost will be determined when we receive the permit and approval from the Congregation. The approved new look for the MG is also shown above.

If you haven’t already made your intention to purchase one of the niches, contact Ralph Wehnes at 224-569-2808, and you will be added to the list. If you have any questions fell free to contact one of the MGC members; Ellen Nissen, Gail Quam, Kathy Miller, Ron Knutson, Carol DeFiore, Pastor Mark, or Ralph Wehnes.



The Memory Garden Committee thought you might like more information on our planned first columbarium for the Memory Garden. Ed Cuttle was kind enough to build the model for us pictured here. The model will be on display once we get back to meeting inside the church. The Columbarium will contain 72 niches that will each hold two urns. It’s a little over 6’ 11” high and 6’ 6” wide. As you can see each niche will have last name, first names, date of birth, and date of death. The final cost for each niche will be determined after approvals from council, Village of Huntley, and congregation.



The Memory Garden Committee is planning to sell memory bricks that will be part of a walkway from the West door of the all-purpose room to the Columbarium/Memory Garden. The bricks will be part of the overall plan to be presented to the Village of Huntley.

Memory Garden Drawing


This penciled drawing shows the planed layout from overhead for the Memory Garden. The landscaping plan may change based on what the Village of Huntley will require us to do the keep the MG somewhat secluded.