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June Note

From Pastor Mark

Welcome to your summer…I’m sure many of you have some wonderful plans with family and friends. Summer is a great time to reconnect with loved who are most close to us. I hope you take time to do just that…connect with those you love.

With that thought in mind how might you connect or reconnect to Jesus? I encourage you to continue to make worship a priority during the summer months. I reminder that we are continuing Kid’s Connect through the summer months. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to serve! If you are away I encourage to you to worship while you are vacationing. Let us know where you are and even send us a picture. We would love to know where God is sending you to make Christ known while on vacation.

When Peter, James, and John witnessed the transfiguration and wanted to preserve Moses (the law), Elijah (the prophets) and Jesus, God said, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.”

Only Jesus remained. The law and the prophets were fulfilled in him. This is the same truth the Holy Spirit wants us to understand.
I recently read a little book entitled, The Christ of the Indian Road, written in 1925 by E. Stanely Jones, a missionary to India, I found an amazing insight into how to bring Christianity to India. Yet, many missionaries for years afterward failed to recognize his prayerful and Spirit-led plea that they must bring the person of Jesus alone rather than the example of so called Christian nations in order to reach nonbelievers’ hearts.

Do we bring Jesus to our community? Do our friends and colleagues see Jesus in us? Are we open to the Holy Spirit’s revelation of all that Jesus is for our world today?
I will often gain insight into a Biblical text by using William Barclay’s Daily Bible Study Series. I found special motivation from Barclay’s last sentences on these verses from John. “The nearer we live to Jesus, the better we will know him. The more we become like him, the more he will be able to tell us. To enjoy his revelation, we must accept his mastery” (Gospel of John Volume 2, William Barclay, Westminster John Knox Press, pg. 196).

How exciting for us as believers to know that the Holy Spirit is waiting to reveal God’s message through Christ to us! What haven’t we grasped that we can grasp today? What have we gotten wrong in our relationship with Jesus? What new revelation is waiting for us as we grow closer to Jesus? How can we bring Jesus to those who live among us?

Blessed summer to you all and I hope you make time to connect with Jesus!

Pastor Mark

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